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How It Works

Are you tired of being locked down a long drawn out rental contract? Don’t know exactly how long you are planning to rent for?

Well why not only pay for the actual days you rent!!

Here at Revolution Rentals we don’t lock you into long contracts, we let you decide your desired term being long or short and you only pay for the days you rent. It is that simple You may rent for as short as 1 day or as long as a lifetime. Clearly, the longer you rent the cheaper the daily charge, therefore you advise us of your desired term and you will be charged the allocated daily fee. There are no hidden costs involved what you see is what you pay.

For example: If you wish to rent an 80cm LCD HD television for 3 months, you will pay for the days spent renting on the 3-month daily charge. If you continue renting the television for 6 months you must advise us and you will then pay for the days spent renting on the the 6-month daily charge and so fourth.(The longer you rent the cheaper the daily charge will be)On the other hand if wish to rent the television for 3 months and you are paying the 3 month daily fee but your plans change and you only wish to acquire the TV for 1 month you will pay for the days spent renting on the 1 month daily charge. It’s very unique and simple, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Why Rent with Revolution Rentals?

Here just a few of the many good reasons to rent with Revolution Rentals.

  • No lock in contracts so you can cancel whenever you wish and only pay for the days you rent!
  • Have access to modern and upto date furniture, whitegoods and eletronics without a big cash outlay.
  • Ability to save your money for other important investments or purchases.
  • You do not need to worry about things breaking down or cost of repair as Revolution Rentals takes care off all of that for you.
  • Fast approval to get your rental period started in a flash.
  • Fast delivery + Installation + Pick up around some Sydney areas (ZONE 1).
  • Easy payment options.

Our regular customers appreciate our fast, easy and efficiant service.

Revolution Rentals is renowned for:

  • Exceptional Friendly service
  • Extremely competitive prices if not lowest prices in Sydney
  • The Newest, modern and upto date furniture,appliances and electronics.
  • Friendly & Helpful

How the pricing structure works – (Remember there are no lock in contracts, you pay for the days spent renting). (We base our months on a 30 day average)

1 – 29 Days = Hire Charge

1 – 2 Months = 1 month daily charge

3 – 5 months = 3 month daily charge

6 – 11 months – 6 month daily charge

12 months = 12 month daily charge